The Power of Remembering a Name

Rogers Healy is a longtime friend from Dallas that I got to know when I coached at SMU. He recently sent me a random text. Here is the exchange:

Rogers: Coach, just sending you love. You mean a lot to me and you played a major part in me gaining confidence in my 20’s. Be safe.

Me: Wow. Really? You’re a smart guy with a great personality. You had and have a lot going for you. Thanks for the note! Appreciate you.

Rogers: Yes. 100%. I’ll never forget the day you said my name. I lit up like a Christmas tree. Still have the pic framed at my office. Thank you.

Me: Wow. Nice story. The power of remembering a person’s name! Dean Smith was the best at it. May make for a good podcast. I am going to launch one soon.

Rogers: I’m ready when you are! Sending you love and prayers, Coach. Thank you again. See you tomorrow at your #TOD.

Remembering someone’s name can be difficult at times, especially if you meet a lot of people in group settings. Dean Smith was a highly intelligent person that had a gift of remembering names. He had the ability to recall a name in the most random settings. Many people have shared stories of meeting Coach Smith one time only to bump into him in the airport and Coach would blurt out, “Tim, how are you doing? Nice to see you again. How is your son John doing?

Those stories are mind blowing! I am not that smart so I have to work at it. I use associations involving celebrities or old friends. For example, if I met someone named Michael, I would say, “Michael Jordan” to myself or even out loud. Joking with that person that I associated him with the great MJ!

Remembering names takes effort, but it is the highest form of respect and you just might make someone “light up like a Christmas tree!”

“Learn & Grow!”

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