Sales is like Fishing

Sales is like fishing. If you want to catch big fish you have to be strategic in your pursuit. There are several steps to put yourself in position for a successful expedition.

Step 1: Plan. Where do you fish? When do you fish? What tackle do you use? What will give you the best chance to catch nice fish given the potential conditions? If you just “throw a line in the water” you are relying on luck!

Step 2: Intel. Where are the fish? Where have you had success in the past? What are they biting? Have there been any new developments with the lake? Gathering good intel from people you trust is critical. Be strategic.

Step 3: Presentation. You need to skillfully present the lure to entice the fish. You can have perfect conditions and be near plenty of fish using the right equipment, but if your presentation is lacking the fish won’t bite. If you present your lure too aggressively, you can scare the fish. If you present your lure too meekly, the fish won’t take an interest. There is an art form to the presentation. When the presentation is done right it can create an intense desire by the fish for your lure.

Step 4: Feel. You need to have feel to set a hook successfully. You have to sense the fish eyeing and touching the lure. You can feel the excitement in your gut, but you have to manage your anxiety. Wait on it. Wait. When you feel the fish take your lure, now and only now, do you set the hook. Set it hard. However, if you set the hook it too early, you may miss the fish. If you set the hook too late, the fish may spit out the lure.

Step 5: Deliver. You need to finish the job. The real work starts once you have the fish on the line. The challenge is safely landing the fish. If you reel too hard, you may break the line. If you reel too slowly, the fish might release the hook. You have to play a delicate dance of give and take. If done properly, the fish will finally succumb and you are able to safely land it!

There is great satisfaction in landing a big fish! There will be many missed opportunities, disappointments, setbacks and dry spells. But when you are fishing in the right lake, on the right day, with the right equipment, with good people you will experience a euphoric feeling. Celebrations ensue. Pictures are taken. Memories are made.

Fishing and sales are a lot alike. Both take strategic planning, patience, persistence and feel!

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