Intention vs Interpretation

I experienced many challenges as a leader. After being forced to resign as the basketball coach at UNC in 2003 I went on a leadership journey. I wanted to “Learn & Grow”. I have finally put my thoughts to paper in preparation of writing a book. It is a lengthy and, sometimes, emotionally draining process. I asked for assistance from some old friends to help me review and edit. One such friend is Scott Stankavage. We attended UNC together. He was a football player. I was a basketball player. We were classmates. We were in each other’s weddings. We are friends. We share a passion for growth. Scott read over my draft and carved it up like a Thanksgiving turkey! Ha. One of the many things I loved was his break down of “Intention vs Interpretation”:

  1. Intention is singular. One person’s intentions have a huge impact on others.
  2. Our intention is what WE think it is.
  3. Interpretation is for the masses.
  4. Interpretation has a life span. People, those involved or not involved, bystanders, pundits, they are in charge of the interpretation.
  5. Interpretation is the variable we control the least, but we should be concerned with the most.

Thanks for the assist Scott!

God Bless!

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