Three Keys to Leading during Crisis

It is easy to lead during good times, but true leaders earn their stripes during crisis. I have witnessed many leaders over the years mismanage the basics of leading during crisis as they succumb to the pressures around them. The keys are simple. Executing them….not so much.

1. Tell the truth

  • Don’t sugar coat a bad situation. No one likes to be lied to or deceived. When a leader stands tall in front of his people and states the facts of a dire situation in a clear and concise manner the information is easier to digest and the leader develops a trust. 

2. Develop a strategic plan

  • Work with your senior staff to develop a well thought out plan that gives your people the best chance at getting through the crisis. Bring in key trusted experts when necessary. Don’t box yourself into a corner as you may need to pivot quickly in crisis.

3. Clearly communicate the plan with a touch of hope

  • A leader must stand tall in front of the people he or she is leading and clearly communicate the strategic plan while adding a tough of hope. People need to believe better days are ahead.

As we continue to work through COVID-19 we witness great leadership. They can come in all shapes and sizes.

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