Professional Vision Group

“I’ve known Matt for many years. I’ve admired him for his passion for people, everyone he’s met has been important to him. I’ve admired his passion for coaching, not only basketball but coaching people to be all they can be. Matt has been a student of life and leadership for as long as I’ve known him. His life experiences and his study of leadership has equipped him to passionately lead others. I’ve owned a business consulting company for 30 years. When Matt decided to launch into business leadership coaching I knew he would be a great fit for helping develop, not only my consultants, but also our clients in leadership.

Matt has lead a number of workshops for my clients and my consultants. He has prepared them by utilizing authentic life stories and leadership strategies that equip them for more effective leadership.  My clients and my team have described his workshops as the best they’ve attended, that Matt was entertaining, authentic, passionate and his message was effective. I’m grateful that Matt is part of the Professional Vision Group team.”

Rick Omohondro, President, Professional Vision Group

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