Coaching Scars: E+R=O

Every leader has moments that they can look back on and cringe. A moment where they reacted harshly in a staff meeting or in a game where someone said something or did something they didn’t like. That harsh reaction by a leader will leave an emotional scar, not only on the employee or player, but on the co-workers and teammates that witnessed the incident.

Tim Kight (@TimothyKight) is the CEO of Focus 3. I follow Tim on twitter and he shares his formula to help you manage your reactions. The formula is E+R=O. “E” stands for the event. “R” stands for your reaction and “O” stands for the outcome. When an event occurs, like an employee making a comment in a staff meeting or a player making a poor play, and you react harshly it can lead to a bad outcome. The only thing we control is our reaction. The better our reaction the better the outcome.

I have always been an intense person. This served me well as a competitive athlete at the University of North Carolina. However, as I developed as a Head Basketball Coach this intensity often hurt me and my team.

Your biggest strength is your biggest weakness.

I shared Tim’s formula with my family a few years ago. We were on a vacation at Niagara Falls. As we looked over the railing to see the powerful rush of water pouring over the rocks a man stepped in front of me blocking my view. I started to lean in with all of my 6-7 frame like I was ready to fight for a rebound. Then, suddenly, I caught myself and backed away. My daughter leaned into my shoulder and whispered, “Good R, Dad. Good R”.

Leadership is a learned behavior. Practice ”Good R”.

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