Leadership is like Golf

Leadership is like golf. You have some whiffs and you have some great shots! When you think you have it figured out you hit one out of bounds! Then you have to calm your nerves, address the ball and take another swing at it. It the end, you can’t forget to get regular practice sessions in with a good coach! 

I remember coaching at UNC in 2001. We went on an 18 game winning streak culminating with a win at Duke and a #1 National Ranking. We felt invincible! Then we lost at Clemson starting a streak where we only won 5 of our last 10 games. 

I went from feeling like every tee shot was going to land in the middle of the fairway 300 yards out to not being able to draw the club back on a pitching wedge! 

Leaders loose confidence, too. That is why it is so important to have mentors and coaches to help you navigate your way around the course!

“Learn & Grow!”

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