Truth Tellers

We all need truth tellers in our lives. Whether you are leading a company or leading your household you need someone that will tell you the truth. 

Easier said then done!


  1. You need to invite people to tell you the truth.
  2. You need to create an environment that is safe for that person to be free to tell you the truth.
  3. You need to listen to the truth without being defensive.
  4. You need to thank people when they are done telling you things you may not want to hear. 

A truth teller is a true friend. By telling you the truth they are really protecting you from yourself. We all have blind spots that can get us in trouble if we don’t have someone to help us see what we can’t. 

My best truth teller is my wife. It was one of the reasons I married her. I knew she was tough enough to stand up to me and tell me things I may not want to hear. 

“You can either manage the truth or the truth will manage you.”

“Learn & Grow”

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