Personal Board of Directors

Just like a big company has a Board or Directors to advise the CEO on making strategic decisions that are in the best interest of the corporation, people need a Personal Board of Directors (“PBOD”) to help us navigate the big decisions in our lives.

I have been blessed to have valuable members on my PBOD during my life. Members of “My Board” have been my parents, my siblings, my coaches and close friends. The first big decision I made in my adult life was when I decided to attend the University of North Carolina. My parents and I met with the different coaches that recruited me – UNC, UVA, Duke, Notre Dame… We asked legendary NYC coach Jack Curran to help advise me. My high school coach at the time, Dick Zeitler, played at Malloy HS for Mr. Curran. Mr. Curran had coached many great players that went on to play in college and the NBA. His input was critical in the process of evaluating my options.

Another valuable member of my PBODs was Bob McKillop. I played for Bob my first two years of high school. When it came down to making my college decision Bob validated my choice of UNC. I needed someone that knew me and knew the college game, someone that I could trust. When Bob supported my choice of UNC I knew wholeheartedly that I was making the best decision.

Choosing UNC was one of the best decisions of my life. That one decision at 17 years old has positively impacted me to this day.

Conversely, there were impulsive decisions I have made that I regret. Decisions with little or no consultation from my PBODs. Whether it was buying a car or taking a new job. If I took my time and consulted my PBODs I could have avoided some pain and regret.

Your PBODs will change over time. Dean Smith and Roy Williams were on “My Board” for a long time. Savvy businessmen John Black and Tim Hofferth are on it now. My wife has been on “My Board” for 29 years now! She is the most valuable Board Member!

Make a list of people that you’d like on your Personal Board of Directors. People that know you well. People that are wise. People that you trust. Ask them to be on your PBODs and consult with them on a regular basis. When it comes to making a big decision like buying a house or taking a new job make sure you lean on their wisdom. Then when you make your decision you know it is well thought out and it will give you the best chance for success.

Your life is nothing but a series of decisions and dealing with the consequences. The better decisions you make the better your life will be.

“Learn & Grow”

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