Take a Knee

We are at a critical time in America. Racism has divided our country. It has gotten ugly, but maybe it needed to get ugly for people to become uncomfortable enough to change. Change needs to start at the grass roots level. Laws and policy won’t change one’s belief system. Belief systems change through education. Education that must come from the leaders that touch the lives of people from the time they are born. Community leaders, parents, teachers, pastors and coaches are the key to leading change.

White people need to “Take a Knee” for people of color. Not a token gesture. Real action. Simple action. Hard action.

What do you do when someone makes a racial joke in front of you? Do you chuckle? Do you react with silence? Do you tell that person that you take offense to that “joke” and that it is not acceptable?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – MLK

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