The Importance of Training

Great athletes train. They prepare for competition through practice. Practice includes drills to create winning habits. Practice includes simulations that create game like situations and game like pressures. Practice also includes mental preparation. Seeing yourself being successful in live action. Visualization. The mind is a powerful tool.

Coaches then need to trust the preparation that they put their athletes through to then attempt to replicate that on the field of play. The athletes need to feel empowered to read and react in the flow of the game. Coaches can’t micromanage the game because it will stifle the abilities of the athletes.

After each game coaches study the game film and take notes. Then they show key clips to the players and prepare for the next practice with the goal of further developing winning habits.

The same applies to business.

It is critical that business leaders properly train their employees for every situation they could possibly face during the course of their work day. It may be a disgruntled customer, an issue with the supply chain or an issue with the company’s technology.

What if?

Leaders need to continuously ask, ”What if?”. What if you face a disgruntled customer? What if the supply chain breaks down? What if the computer system goes down? Then put a plan in place that addresses each of these potential issues and train your employees accordingly.

With the ever changing world we live in, think COVID-19, there may be issues you aren’t able to imagine. This is why you need to empower your employees to think on their feet and be able to adjust on the fly. These decisions need to be driven by your company’s core values and mission statement.

Lastly, corporate training also protects against potential lawsuits. By continuously training your employees with well documented processes you can protect you and your company from lawsuits from customers or your employees. Risk mitigation!

“Practice doesn’t make perfect because you can practice perfectly wrong. Perfect practice makes perfect.” – Rev Ed Visscher

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