Do you have what it takes?

Does our country have what it takes?

I doubt it!

It would be a great time to attack our nation.

Oh, yeah, it is under attack! COVID-19!

Why can’t we improve our nation’s COVID numbers?

Why are so many people overweight? Why are so many people in debt?


Our country’s discipline may be at an all-time low. Generations came before us willing to work for a better life. Immigrants, like my grandparents, who came from Ireland to New York City. They had nothing, but their name, their work ethic….and a few pints!

They got up early every morning in all kinds of weather to put in a honest day’s work. They came home and ate as a family. If a child stepped out of line, they were disciplined. They were determined that their children get a good education and have a better life. Quite often that is what happened.

Where did it all break down?


The second generation Americans worked hard in the 1960s-70s wanting even a better life for their families and for the most part, they provided that. Then my generation, the third generation, wanted even a better life for our families and for the most part, we provided that. But, many of us didn’t love our children like our parents did.

Love comes in many forms and discipline is one of them. Our kids grew up entitled. They didn’t have summer jobs delivering the newspaper or cutting lawns. They weren’t disciplined for breaking curfew, heck, many of them didn’t even have a curfew. As a result, the fourth generation became very entitled.

As our fourth generation becomes men and women entering the “workforce” and leadership positions in our country we under attack. This is one of the reason our country’s resolve is breaking down. We are ripe for a huge setback.
What will save us from ourselves?

Failure? When we lose to the enemy, whether it is COVID-19 or a foreign country, then and only then we might realize that we need to get back to fundamentals. The fundamentals the first generation modeled for us. Fundamentals of respect and discipline, honesty and hard work.

Coach Dean Smith once said, “A disciplined person is a truly free person”.

God Bless America!

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