Beyond the Speech

“What is beyond the speech?”

As the November election approaches, Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand before us giving speeches about their beliefs and policies. They often say negative things about each other. The candidates and their political teams do everything in their power to make each candidate look good while trying to make the other candidate look bad. Each candidate is coached on what words resonate best with the audience. They are told what color suit and tie to wear. The media picks and chooses the sound bites to share with the public. 

“What is beyond the speech?”

WBT’s Brett Winterble and I work together on Thursday afternoons from 3-6pm EST. We cover current events and do some deep dives into politics. He coined the phrase “Beyond the Speech” and it really resonated with me. As a college basketball coach my job was to portray a certain image and recruit good players. I was very much like a politician. I tried to wear the right clothes, say the right things and win over the hearts of recruits and college basketball fans across America. 

“What is beyond the speech?”

Most college coaches knew what coach was good and what coach was bad……who was real and who was phony. But, a lot of phony coaches were good in front of the camera and when visiting a recruit. Many families didn’t figure out the truth until after they “voted”. 

It is work to “mine for the truth”. Who do you trust? Where do you look? What do you read? Do you have an open mind? 

“What is beyond the speech?”

Which Presidential candidate is real and which is phony? Who can you trust? Where do you find the information to make the best decision? Who will deliver on their promises once elected? Who will lead our country best?

“What is beyond the speech?”

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