Ingredients of a Good Leader: Emotional Intelligence

I lost my job as the head coach at North Carolina in 2003. It was an awful time in my life, but like any athlete or coach I wanted to learn from defeat and get better. I decided to go on a leadership journey.

I took an executive class at The Wharton School in Philadelphia. Fran Johnston was teaching the class and we were studying the book Primal Leadership: The Art of Emotional Intelligence. It was the first time I ever heard that term, but the more she taught the more it resonated.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those around them, to be able to categorize the emotions and then use that information to guide your thinking and behavior for the good of the organization and the individuals involved.

The best leaders have strong EI. Leaders make many decisions every day and even the smallest decision can have a big impact on an individual and team.

Ever have a boss go to lunch and only invite a few people from the office? Ever go out for coffee and only bring back coffee for just a couple of team members?

See what I mean!

Looking back I realized my EI was awful when I took over at UNC, but I quickly learned from Fran that leadership is a learned behavior. There is hope for us all!

Learn & Grow!

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