Ingredients of a Good Leader: Vision

Vision for a leader is critical because if you don’t know where you are going how do you expect people to follow you?

To create a proper vision you need five things:

  1. Inclusion – Involve your senior staff in developing your vision. Having input leads to buy-in. Buy-in leads to commitment. Commitment leads to momentum.
  2. Impact – Your vision needs to be impactful beyond financial gain and the walls of your office. It needs to be a movement, a cause that gives real meaning the work that lies ahead. The vision needs to resonate within the hearts of everyone in the organization and have shared meaning.
  3. Paint the picture – Envision the celebrations and shared victories. Painting a picture of what success looks like will stick in the minds and hearts of your team helping everyone overcome the daily obstacles on the road to success.
  4. Communicate – Communicating your vision throughout your organization needs to be done in a crystal clear manner. People need to see, taste and feel the vision. Everyone has a role in the success of the organization. Communicating this vision needs to be done on a consistent basis as to keep the team motivated to the common cause.
  5. Model – It is easy to paint the picture and communicate your vision, but walking the walk is the challenging part. You and your organization will face obstacles and setbacks. Doubt will creep in the minds of your people. You need to continually carry yourself with confidence as you remind your team of your vision of success.

When I took over the basketball program at Notre Dame I wanted to bring back the glory days of Irish Basketball. I shared my vision with my staff as I recruited them to join the program. I wanted Notre Dame Basketball to have a positive impact on the community. I wanted to bring back the pride of Irish Basketball to South Bend. We wanted to be back on the college basketball map. We painted a picture of a packed arena and winning big games. The students storming the court. Beating ranked teams on national TV. Cutting down championship nets. When we faced setbacks or fatigue I reminded our team of our vision. It helped us stay on the track to success.

Learn & Grow!

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