Ingredients of a Good Leader: Strategic

“A dream without a plan is just a wish.” – Katherine Paterson

A leader can have competence, emotional intelligence and a great vision, but if they don’t have a strategic plan they will greatly limit their chances for success.

Where do you begin? You begin with the end in mind.

In basketball we planned to win the National Championship every year at UNC. We would put the date of the championship game on the white board and work backwards. To win the Championship we had to win six games in three consecutive weekends in March. That required stamina, a style of play that was effective against different systems with short turn around time and a healthy team.

That was the foundation to strategically organize a Master Plan, as Coach Smith would call it. We would create a regular season game schedule that may include teams of differing styles with short turnaround times between games. We may play a game in an arena where there was going to be an NCAA Regional scheduled that season. Our conditioning program needed to focus on us being in peak shape in March. Then we would break down the Master Plan to the daily calendar where we would organize our practice schedule, our days off and travel days. Once we had that organized we would plan our pre-seasoning conditioning and then our practice plans. Our practice plans may include offensive and defensive sets that we may not use until March.

One brick at a time carefully placed builds a strong foundation for success. There are no short cuts and there is no “winging it”. This process needs to include your senior staff and hours of planning.

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” – Ben Franklin

Learn & Grow!

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