Ingredients of a Good Leader: Discipline

“A disciplined person is truly a free person.” – Dean Smith

When Coach Smith said this to our team years ago it was confusing to me at first. Discipline seems restrictive, not freeing. Coach then explained that a truly disciplined person makes good decisions that lead to freedom. For example, someone that runs up their credit cards and ends up in debt is not free at all. Conversely, someone that is disciplined in their spending has the freedom to do things with their money that someone in debt can’t do.

Discipline is the ability to stay on task and prioritize the things most important for success each and every day.

How do you do this?

I still use a Franklin Planner. I have been using it since 1992. I plan my day with the most important tasks ranked in order that I need to accomplish that day. It is important to plan your day in an environment free from distractions and without time constraints. You want to make a sound game plan. Then you have to have the discipline to attack each task and check them off.

Simple. Fundamental. Freeing.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Ben Franklin

Learn & Grow!

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