Ingredients of a Good Leader: Good Senior Staff

Surround yourself with smart people that are loyal to you and your vision. Then give them their roles and let them go to work!

You can’t do it all. You must attract talented people to join your team.

Why did I use the word “attract” instead of “hire”? Because you hire someone for a job. You attract someone for a mission! When you have an exciting vision it becomes a mission and high performing people want to be a part of that type of movement. It makes it easier to attract top talent. It becomes more of a selection process than a hiring process. And when things get tough, and they will get tough, people that signed up for a mission will forge ahead with enthusiasm while people that were just hired to do a job will quit.

This is why having an impactful vision is so important. You want your team to be part of a movement. When people feel a part of something bigger than themselves they become more energized for the cause. I love this quote from a janitor at NASA when encountering President John F. Kennedy in a bathroom in 1961. JFK asked the janitor what he did and the janitor responded, “I’m helping put a man on the moon”. The janitor understood the vision, his role in that vision and, as a result, he had a purpose.

“Circle of Trust” is a term I use in the “attracting process”. UNC Head Coach Roy Williams taught me to hire people that you know well. However, if you don’t know someone well, someone you know well must know the candidate well. You need validation that the candidate can add value to your mission and has the character that fits your culture.

“The only sign of future behavior is past behavior.” – Dr. Chris Carr

This is where my core values come in – RTCP. Respect, Trust, Commitment and Positivity. Will this candidate be respectful? Can I trust this candidate? Will they be committed to the cause? Will they bring positivity energy to the workplace?

When you have the right culture in place you will attract high performing people. It is up to you to make sure they fit your culture and core values. When you have your senior staff in place and they have been given direction, step out of the way and let them go to work.

Learn & Grow!

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