A/V Requirements

Matt Doherty

Audio Visual & Presentation Needs

Below is a checklist that will ensure the best audience experience of Matt’s program. Please share this list with your Meeting Planner and AV Contact Person. If you encounter a challenge with any of the following requests, please contact us right away so that we can address it in advance of the event.

  • A wireless, lavaliere microphone
  • Lighting can make or break an event! Please be sure that there are no floodlights or house lights over or near the screen. This ensures maximum brightness and audience viewing pleasure. Lighting is a problem in most meeting rooms, and often is a bulb by bulb project with the hotel.
  • A large computer projector screen — raised as high as possible
  • Load Matt’s Power Point onto your laptop and provide a remote for Matt to use to push the slides
  • Large confidence monitor placed in front of the stage that has a line run so speaker can see next slide
  • If your event will have a stage, please have steps coming off the front of your stage.
  • Bottled water
  • Matt’s programs are very interactive and engaging, please try to fill the seats in the front of the room for energy
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