CLT Rotary

“A fabulous presentation on leadership from Coach Matt Doherty to Charlotte Rotary. He coached us all today. Not about basketball, but about learning from our failures to become leaders in our careers, communities, and our families. Truly inspiring.” Jerry Coughter, President, Rotary Club of Charlotte

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Integrity

Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness”. Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop recently told me, “Truth is one of the casualties of our culture”. What a sad commentary of our times. Integrity is lacking. Why? Lack of church going people? Lack of the family unit? PressureContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Integrity”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Toughness

Toughness is a quality a leader must have to withstand the daily challenges of running any organization. Whether you lead your family, a business, a sports team, or a public entity you need mental toughness. Leaders face many different challenges on a regular basis. Some challenges are smaller than others. Some problems need immediate attentionContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Toughness”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Accountability

Accountability is defined as the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. (The following is an excerpt from Rebound: From Pain to Passion. To be released in March, 2021)Don’t be afraid to hold your staff accountable for their performance. They need this to grow. The top performers want to be held accountable. They are competitive peopleContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Accountability”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Good Senior Staff

Surround yourself with smart people that are loyal to you and your vision. Then give them their roles and let them go to work! You can’t do it all. You must attract talented people to join your team. Why did I use the word “attract” instead of “hire”? Because you hire someone for a job. You attractContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Good Senior Staff”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Communication

Communication is a two way street. Most people think of how we communicate – deliver a presentation, talk to person, send an email or text – and not how we receive information. How we receive information may be more important than how we deliver information because it will help us understand our audience better. AsContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Communication”