Ingredients of a Good Leader: Discipline

“A disciplined person is truly a free person.” – Dean Smith When Coach Smith said this to our team years ago it was confusing to me at first. Discipline seems restrictive, not freeing. Coach then explained that a truly disciplined person makes good decisions that lead to freedom. For example, someone that runs up theirContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Discipline”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Strategic

“A dream without a plan is just a wish.” – Katherine Paterson A leader can have competence, emotional intelligence and a great vision, but if they don’t have a strategic plan they will greatly limit their chances for success. Where do you begin? You begin with the end in mind. In basketball we planned toContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Strategic”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Vision

Vision for a leader is critical because if you don’t know where you are going how do you expect people to follow you? To create a proper vision you need five things: Inclusion – Involve your senior staff in developing your vision. Having input leads to buy-in. Buy-in leads to commitment. Commitment leads to momentum.Continue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Vision”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Emotional Intelligence

I lost my job as the head coach at North Carolina in 2003. It was an awful time in my life, but like any athlete or coach I wanted to learn from defeat and get better. I decided to go on a leadership journey. I took an executive class at The Wharton School in Philadelphia.Continue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Emotional Intelligence”

Ingredients of a Good Leader: Competence

Competence may be the most important ingredient of a leader. A leader may communicate well, may have good emotional intelligence and all the other key ingredients I noted in my previous blog, but if they are not competent nothing else matters. When I refer to competence I am referring to a leader’s knowledge of theContinue reading “Ingredients of a Good Leader: Competence”

Mindset of a Champion – The Four E’s

With LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Championship I wanted to share with you what I believe is the “Mindset of a Champion”. One of my favorite leadership books is Jack: Straight from the Gut, by Jack Welch. He was the CEO of General Electric. He shared “The Four E’s” listed below.Continue reading “Mindset of a Champion – The Four E’s”