Ray Titus

“We just had Coach Matt Doherty come in to speak at our yearly sales kick-off meeting, and not only was it a great presentation, and the content was spot on, but Coach Doherty took the time to learn about our organization and find out about our people. He really related to our team, and weContinue reading “Ray Titus”

Danny Dunne

“REBOUND is a great book! A reminiscent ‘must read’ for any Long Island high school basketball player who played in the late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s; or if you are in any kind of leadership position!  Matt’s odyssey from high school basketball star, to NCAA Champion, to Wall Street businessman, to big time college coach, to redefining/rebrandingContinue reading “Danny Dunne”

Darrell Hall

“One of the most authentic transparent books I’ve ever read”. – Darrell Hall

Jeremy Mahaffey

“If you are in any position of leadership whether it be coach, teacher, Pastor, business, then you must read ‘Rebound’! What a great book! Honest, raw and real and definitely gives me mad respect for Matt Doherty.” – Jeremy Mahaffey

Chris Darling

“Just finished reading ‘Rebound’ by Matt Doherty. This is a book that anyone in leadership, or who aspires to be in leadership, needs to read. His openness and honesty are a breath of fresh air. Fantastic book.” – Chris Darling

Cushman & Wakefield

“Our colleagues at Cushman & Wakefield had the pleasure of having Matt Doherty as the keynote speaker for our Carolinas company wide meeting. His candor around the pursuit of growth, drive, productivity, importance of culture and morale resonated with our team. More importantly, his ability to tie these themes into real life stories made itContinue reading “Cushman & Wakefield”

CLT Rotary

“A fabulous presentation on leadership from Coach Matt Doherty to Charlotte Rotary. He coached us all today. Not about basketball, but about learning from our failures to become leaders in our careers, communities, and our families. Truly inspiring.” Jerry Coughter, President, Rotary Club of Charlotte

CLT Rotary

“Matt, your talk today was at the top of the list for best speaker/message I’ve heard in a long time. The final point of having a ‘Director of Truth Telling’ will never leave my vocabulary. Many thanks from a fellow Tar Heel.” Herb Harriss, Member of Charlotte Rotary Club

Kellenberg Memorial

“Wow. Coach Doherty’s life lessons for our student-athletes tonight is way better than any X and O’s in basketball. His book, Rebound: From Pain to Passion, will set the tone and point you in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your time, Coach!” Chris Lyons, Kellenberg Memorial HS (NY)

Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

“Coach Doherty has done it all as an athlete, coach, and team builder and because of those experiences, the highs and lows, he brings a candor mixed with empathy and insight that only a life lived passionately, competitively and honestly can bring. The time my team has spent with Matt was invaluable because his lessonsContinue reading “Harvard Men’s Lacrosse”

Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

“Many thanks to Coach Doherty for speaking to members of our HLX Community last night, great lessons on team, culture, accountability, overcoming failure & being a great teammate in life, business, locker room & community.” Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

Professional Vision Group

“I’ve known Matt for many years. I’ve admired him for his passion for people, everyone he’s met has been important to him. I’ve admired his passion for coaching, not only basketball but coaching people to be all they can be. Matt has been a student of life and leadership for as long as I’ve knownContinue reading “Professional Vision Group”

Ft. Wayne Mad Ants

“Matt provided the WOW factor to our partners, season ticket holders and community leaders. His message of leading during times of crisis rang home to everyone given our current Pandemic situation. Our guests left with pages of takeaways. Thanks Coach Doherty for helping the Mad Ants lead in our community.” Tim Bawmann, President, Ft. WayneContinue reading “Ft. Wayne Mad Ants”

Chrysaleye Consulting LLC

“I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on several projects.  I recently used him in my Managing, Analyzing and Planning for our Talent (MAP) program for a very large client as a keynote speaker.  Matt has had a unique career that lends for engaged leadership lessons and stories which we all can relate to.  His humilityContinue reading “Chrysaleye Consulting LLC”

Texas Legends

“I have known Matt for more than 20 years and the most impressive thing about him is his thirst to improve. He always wants to get better every day. While it is a great talking point that he won a National Championship in 1982 and was the 2001 NCAA Coach of the Year, what isContinue reading “Texas Legends”

Barrett Industries

“Matt talked to our leadership team and it was awesome! The two things that I really liked hearing from him was that you need to know yourself and know your team if you want to be a great leader.” Sylvain Gross, Northeast Division Manager, Barrett Industries

Barrett Industries

“Matt did a presentation for our leadership group and did a fantastic job!  He helped elevate everyone’s game to the next level. He was both entertaining and informative….everything you could want from a speaker!” Hunter Creech, CFO, Barrett Industries

The Cove Church

“I loved Matt’s message.  It was powerful, it was touching, it was authentic and it spoke to me because of the realness of it. It’s not really about success sometimes, but its about the failures in our lives that really allow us to shape us and grow us to who we are.  For him toContinue reading “The Cove Church”

US Foods

“We enjoyed Matt very much. He did a great job, especially focusing on our three core principles – coach ability, accountability and execution. We look forward to seeing him again in the future.” Darrell Hall, US Foods

Five Guys

“Matt talked to our senior leadership team. What a great evening! A lot of relevant, real world stories relating basketball into the world of business. Our team got a lot out of it. Very enjoyable, impactful and inspiring and something our team can take back into the field and implement.  We really appreciate it.” JeffContinue reading “Five Guys”

Northwood High School

“Matt did a great job talking to our team about a winning mindset and leadership.  I appreciate his friendship.  He has been a great inspiration to us all tonight.” Randy Cox, Varsity Lacrosse Coach, Northwood High School (NC)

Wells Fargo

“Matt did a great job talking to our advisors about closing out the year strong and starting the next year with a bang. He gave us a lot of great tools and coaching.  If you want your people to succeed and think outside the box I think it would be a great opportunity to bringContinue reading “Wells Fargo”

Wells Fargo

“I had the privilege of hearing this fabulous man speak a second time about life perspective and how to look at life in a way that will definitely make you feel better and BE better. I think his inspiration and his life lessons and his motivation is something that will serve us all very well. Continue reading “Wells Fargo”


“We had the pleasure of having Matt speak to a group of advisors. He did a great job discussing life lessons, overcoming adversity and the principles for achieving greatness.” Brian Kiley, Division Sales Director, Invesco


“Matt have a presentation on teamwork to our Mooresville store.  He pumped everyone up!  He did a good job.” Jeff Shoe, Owner, Mooresville Ford

Love Lake Norman Church

“With the high-energy delivery of a great communicator and the hard-earned wisdom that only comes through experience, Coach Matt Doherty will challenge and encourage your audience to become better leaders in the marketplace, their homes, and their families. His captivating stories about coaching, leadership, and life – both on the court and off – areContinue reading “Love Lake Norman Church”

Wells Fargo

“I invited Matt in October to kick off my branch’s Finishing Strong Engagement for the fourth quarter of 2019. I was impressed with Matt’s diligence on making sure his presentation was in line with the message I was trying to deliver. Matt delivered a very motivational and inspiring presentation weaving in his experience as aContinue reading “Wells Fargo”

Essilor USA

“Matt speaks and teaches with authenticity. He quickly connected with our group through his sharing of relevant, personal life-experiences that enabled our sales team to be transformed and elevated in their thinking. I am convinced that our team is better equipped for the daily challenges of selling because of the material and method of deliveryContinue reading “Essilor USA”


“At a time when our Merchandising team needed a reminder on the core responsibilities of being a leader, Matt delivered an impactful refresher. Not only did the content resonate but his delivery, utilizing his own career ups and downs, made it real. His transparent, humble approach mixing in his real life examples struck a chordContinue reading “Lowe’s”

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