“With an ever-increasing number of career choices, 30 percent of the workforce will now change careers or jobs every twelve months.” — Career Change Statistics In today’s workplace, you need to be prepared to pivot into a new job or career. People get fired, positions get eliminated, and companies are bought out on a regularContinue reading “Pivoting”


Protocols keep your priorities in check. Legendary North Carolina Coach Dean Smith prioritized his time in this order:  1. Current players  2. Recruits 3. Former players If a former player was on the phone with Coach and a recruit called to talk with him, he would have to hang up and talk with the recruit.Continue reading “Protocols”


“Put a picture of your family on your desk. This will be a reminder that every decision you make should be in their best interest.” — John Black When I was a head coach, I felt the need to fire an assistant coach. It was the first time I was going to do this. ItContinue reading “Decisions”

Beyond the Speech

“What is beyond the speech?” As the November election approaches, Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand before us giving speeches about their beliefs and policies. They often say negative things about each other. The candidates and their political teams do everything in their power to make each candidate look good while trying to make theContinue reading “Beyond the Speech”


Do you have what it takes? Does our country have what it takes? I doubt it! It would be a great time to attack our nation. Oh, yeah, it is under attack! COVID-19! Why can’t we improve our nation’s COVID numbers? Why are so many people overweight? Why are so many people in debt? Discipline!Continue reading “Discipline”

The Importance of Training

Great athletes train. They prepare for competition through practice. Practice includes drills to create winning habits. Practice includes simulations that create game like situations and game like pressures. Practice also includes mental preparation. Seeing yourself being successful in live action. Visualization. The mind is a powerful tool. Coaches then need to trust the preparation thatContinue reading “The Importance of Training”


As our country deals with civil unrest one word continues to be in the forefront of my mind. RESPECT! I run a leadership practice and I teach about values driven behavior. Core values are critical in every organization and in every human being. The core values I tried to instill in my teams since 2005Continue reading “Respect”

Take a Knee

We are at a critical time in America. Racism has divided our country. It has gotten ugly, but maybe it needed to get ugly for people to become uncomfortable enough to change. Change needs to start at the grass roots level. Laws and policy won’t change one’s belief system. Belief systems change through education. EducationContinue reading “Take a Knee”

Truth Tellers

We all need truth tellers in our lives. Whether you are leading a company or leading your household you need someone that will tell you the truth.  Easier said then done! Keys: You need to invite people to tell you the truth. You need to create an environment that is safe for that person toContinue reading “Truth Tellers”

Coaching Scars: E+R=O

Every leader has moments that they can look back on and cringe. A moment where they reacted harshly in a staff meeting or in a game where someone said something or did something they didn’t like. That harsh reaction by a leader will leave an emotional scar, not only on the employee or player, butContinue reading “Coaching Scars: E+R=O”

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