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Sinomax USA COO John Beliveau comments on Matt’s presentation to his corporate team while endorsing REBOUND


Kellenberg Memorial

“Wow. Coach Doherty’s life lessons for our student-athletes tonight is way better than any X and O’s in basketball. His book, Rebound: From Pain to Passion, will set the tone and point you in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your time, Coach!” Chris Lyons, Kellenberg Memorial HS (NY)

Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

“Coach Doherty has done it all as an athlete, coach, and team builder and because of those experiences, the highs and lows, he brings a candor mixed with empathy and insight that only a life lived passionately, competitively and honestly can bring. The time my team has spent with Matt was invaluable because his lessonsContinue reading “Harvard Men’s Lacrosse”

Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

“Many thanks to Coach Doherty for speaking to members of our HLX Community last night, great lessons on team, culture, accountability, overcoming failure & being a great teammate in life, business, locker room & community.” Harvard Men’s Lacrosse

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